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  1. #1 Some questions about the Dongfang RTS 250. 
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    Hi everyone, new here and happy i found this forum as it seems there's no other place online where Chinese Motorcycles are discussed in great length without ridicule. Anyways, i'm paying off the Layaway balance for my Dongfang RTS 250 here in a couple of days and i have some concerns and questions.
    I've come to understand that most people who buy this motorcycle do not receive an owners manual of any kind, or if they do it's usually not in English. I found a company called Venom Motorsports that sells this motorcycle under their own brand, and i found out that they have English copies of the manual, but when i asked for a digital copy of one, they refused to give it to me because i didn't buy the bike from them. So, my first question would be, does anyone know where i can track an English copy down?

    Secondly, i've also come to understand that most of the time the CDI chips that come with these bikes usually don't work very well, don't work at all, or go bad somehow after a few times of riding. In the event that i'm faced with this issue, could anyone recommend me a CDI chip that works on this bike?

    I've watched some review vids of this bike on YouTube, and one point a lot of the reviewers raise about this particular bike is that when you get it, make sure you tighten down any bolt, screw, or nut you can find and make sure to use Blue Loctite when doing so. Any major areas on the bike i should hit to ensure that everything stays tight?

    Finally, i know that once i get the Bike it'll need an immediate Oil change. Does anyone know how many quarts this thing takes? and where i can locate the bolt thats used to seal the oil pan so i can drain it?

    Thank you.

    If anyone feels the need to offer additional advice about this motorcycle, please feel free. I'd definitely appreciate it.
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    I do not have this bike, but all the advice about checking over every bolt and nut is universal across all Chinese motorcycles. Locktite is your friend! Also, have you not been to This site is great, but is somewhat international in scope. Meaning, most members are from all over the world and cannot relate to the Chinese bikes we get in the US. However, Barnone, started a long thread on his Dongfang bobber right here, which is the exception to non-US members dominating Mychinamoto. Your RTS is the same manufacturer as the Dongfang bobber, and uses the same engine as evidenced by Dongfang's EPA/DOT certificate listing all their full-size bikes based around their Zongshen-derived 223cc engine including the bobber (no longer in the US but certified just in case), their enduro, their street bike(s), their café racer, among others (Zongshen is a great manufacturer who OEM for several other companies' engines as well, such as Bashan and TMEC; of course they have their own TT250 enduro as sold through CSC out of California).

    Oil for these Zongshen singles is generally 1 quart, but can vary slightly. My old TMEC 200 enduro specified 1 liter (which I found at the local O'Reillys auto parts place). You will find most any enduro video on youtube relatable to your bike since, like I mentioned, most have Zongshen OEM their engines (valve adjustments might vary since they are not the same exact engines), and watching youtube videos on Chinese thumper engines and modifications is fairly universal across all brands. CDI's are cheap, so recommend to have some on hand since they can fail and leave you scratching your head.

    Back to oil change...the salad oil like fluid they ship the bike with IS safe to run for a few minutes since it really is engine break-in oil--when you are ready to change the oil and have not started the bike for the first time, start it and let it warm up--that way it will be warm and more will flow out initially. Make sure you do let it drain for several minutes to get as much out as you can. Refill with Rotella 15-40 (make sure not to overfill as there is probably some of the initial break-in oil in there no matter how much you let it drain out). Then, you probably want to ride it for another 100 to 200 miles, and change the oil again. Don't worry about metal shavings, if any (you SHOULD have some). Then ride for 600 more miles and change it again. Watch videos as methods may vary, but the videos will show you where everything is and the filter (built in and reusable), etc.

    Again, videos, like Locktite, is your friend--oh, and Chinariders!
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