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    Official 'People's Republic of China on Road Traffic Safety Law' concerning motorcycle access/use of China's extensive Expressway network.

    My apologies, I had been meaning to get this translation completed and posted on MCM long before now - but other priorities on the Totem pole had preference.

    Riding a motorcycle without wearing a helmet, violators are subject to two demerit points penalty on their PRC Drivers License (PRC-D/L) and a 200CNY fine.

    2015-06-03 腾讯汽车
    2015-06-03 QQ Auto News.

    [腾讯汽车 用车报道] 很多人可能存在这样的疑问:摩托车到底能不能上高速?根据《中华人民共和国道路交通安全法》第六十七条规定 :行人、非机动车、拖拉机、轮式专用机械车、铰 接式客车、全挂拖斗车以及其他设计最高时速低于七十公里的机动车,不得进入高速公路, 以上规定中并没有包含禁止摩托车。所以摩托车是可以合法上高速公路行驶的。
    [QQ News Auto Report] a number of motorcyclists and Expressway users question: Can a high-speed motorcycle use China's Expressway network? According to 'People's Republic of China on Road Traffic Safety Law' Article 67 stipulates: pedestrians, non-motorised vehicles, tractors, special wheeled mechanical vehicles, articulated buses, full trailers and other designed vehicles with a maximum speed < 70km/h - (such vehicles) are forbidden from entering the Expressway. Accordingly the above provisions did not contain explicit wording that specifically bans motorcycles from Expressways. Consequently legally motorcycles may travel on Expressways; provided (please read on & note paragraph 5),

    1.最外侧行驶另 外根据《中华人民共和国道路交通安全法实施条例》第五节第七十八条规定:高速公路应当标明车道的行驶速度, 最高车速不得超过120公里/小时,最低车速不 得低于60公里/小时。在高速公路上行驶的小型载客汽车最高车速不得超过120公里/小时,其他机动车不得超过100公里/小时, 摩托车不得超过80公里/小时。根据此条规定的速度限制,摩托车只能在高速路最外侧车道行驶,如果违反以上规定,在高速公路超速或不 按规定道路行驶的,将 被处以200元罚款、扣6分。
    1. Motorcycles must be ridden on the outermost right lane, according to the provisions of Article 78 of Section V, 'People's Republic of China on Road Traffic Safety Law Implementing Rules': the lane should be marked vehicular driving lane with applicable highway speed, the maximum speed should not exceed 120 km/h, the minimum speed should not be <60 km/h. On Expressways small passenger cars must not exceed the maximum posted speed limit of 120 km/h, whereas other motor vehicles shall not exceed 100 km/h, motorcycles shall not exceed 80 km/h. This provision is based on the set/prescribed speed limits, given that motorcycles are only to ridden in the outermost (right) vehicular driving lane designated on the Expressway. Violation of the above provisions, on any Expressway for speeding or failing to follow the road rules, violators will be fined 200CNY, and have 6 points deducted from their driver's license. It would be worth noting that the outer most right lane, would apply to a vehicular lane and not therefore the emergency breakdown lane or 'shoulder' - this is a possible item of conflict, as it would likely be interpreted differently.

    根据《中华人民共和国道路交通安全法实施条例》第五节第八十三条规定:在高速公路上行驶的载货汽车车厢不得 载人。两轮摩托车在高速公路行驶时不得载人。
    2. Motorcycle entering/riding on Expressways not to carry pillion passenger.
    According to the provisions of section V of Article 83, 'People's Republic of China on Road Traffic Safety Law Implementing Rules': on Expressways, motorcycles can only be ridden by a rider and carriage of pillion passengers is forbidden (even where such is designated on the vehicle registration certificate).

    根据《重大节假日免收小型客车通行费实施方案》规定,除了在特定的节假日免费通行外,其他时间按7座以下小 客车计费标准缴费。也就是说在非免费通行期间,摩托车在上高速公路行驶前也需在收费站领取通行卡,收费标准 按7坐以下的小客车标准收费。
    3. Motorcycle Expressway access (toll) - card charges.
    According to 'major holidays waiver small passenger car toll plan' provision; that in addition to free passage during designated national holiday periods, at all other times vehicles registered to carry seven passengers or less shall be subject to the standard Expressway toll fee payment. That is during the non-free passage periods of time (national holidays), motorcycles entering onto the Expressway also need to obtain Expressway 'access card' (toll card) at the toll station of entry, and will be subject to the standard charges/fare set for the aforementioned small passenger vehicles. In other words, Expressways that allow motorcycle entry require the rider to stop and collect a toll card upon entry at a 'Toll Station'. The Expressway card (toll card) is required to be returned at the exiting 'Toll Station' with applicable fees paid. The applicable fees for a motorcycle are the same as those charged for a small passenger vehicle (7 seats or less).

    4. Motorcyclists must always wear a helmet when operating a motorcycle, and are recommended to wear protective gear
    [New motor vehicle driver's license to apply management practices] regulations, motorcyclists not wearing helmets are subject to penalty of; deduction of 2 demerit points on violators PRC Drivers License (PRC-D/L), and a fine of 200CNY.

    一定要看收费站入口前,有无禁止摩托车通行标志,有禁行标志,切勿通行。若被高速公路交警大队的交警拦下, 会根据【中华人民共和国道路交通安全法】39条,给开据扣2分,罚款200元的罚单。
    5. Traffic signs at Expressway Entry/Onramp
    At the entrance to Expressway toll stations, numerous traffic sign designate what vehicles or other potential Expressway users are forbidden etc. A sign that forbids motorcycle entry as denoted by a round sign, depicting a motorcycle silhouette in black on a white background, with a red circle round the sign circumference and red diagonal line (meaning a 'forbidden' sign, do not pass/enter). Accordingly if motorcycles enter such Expressways in violation of such a sign as described and the rider of a motorcycle is subsequently stopped by traffic police within the banned section, shall according to People's Republic of China on Road Traffic Safety Law [39], (may) be subject to penalty of; deduction of 2 demerit points on violators drivers license, and a fine of 200CNY.

    超车前需打左转向灯,在左侧车道超车,待超车后关闭左转向灯;摩托车出现故障,需打双闪灯或右转向灯,停泊 在应急车道,排除故障。中途若有事和休息,需到服务区。
    6. Other Considerations
    Overtaking/passing should only occur in the left had lane of a vehicle to be overtaken/passed. Before overtaking/passing the motorcyclist is required to indicate using left indicator/turn signal, prior to moving into the left lane to overtake/pass. Once the overtaking/passing manoeuvre is completed the motorcyclist should use the right hand indicator/turn signal and move into the right hand lane. If the motorcycle breaks-down, the rider should activate/switch on the motorcycles hazard lights (where fitted) or use the right hand indicator/turn signal, and/or stop/move the motorcycle to the emergency lane (right Expressway shoulder), before troubleshooting the cause of the motorcycle breakdown. If riding a long distance the rider should stop periodically and rest in the designated 'service areas'.

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    值得关注的是有部分省份是有地方法规, 禁止摩托车上高速,如果你在上高速公路的时候没有禁止摩托车行驶的标志就应该可以上高速。依据 道路交通安全 法二轮摩托车(以下简称摩托车)是可以上高速公 路的,起码国家法律、行政法规、部门规章都是明确准许上高速公路的,只是多数省、自治区、市的 地方性法规禁 止摩托车上高速公路行驶,于是便引发了国家法律 与地方性法规的法律冲突现象。具体表现分为如下四种形式:

    Discussion concerning local policies for high-speed motorcycle Expressway access. (Not to confuse Highway[s] with Expressway[s])
    It is noteworthy that there are some provinces that passed local regulations which prohibit motorcycle access to Expressway(s), if you're on a motorcycle on the Expressway that does not expressly prohibit motorcycles it would seem logical then that a high-speed motorcycle should be able to travel on that Expressway. In accordance with the China Road Traffic Safety Law, two wheeled motorcycle (hereinafter referred to as motorcycles) is on the Expressway, at least, national laws, administrative regulations, departmental rules and regulations are expressly permitted on the Expressway. But TIC (This is Ch!na) the LFZ (L0gic Free Zone). However the majority of provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities and local regulations prohibit the entry and riding of a high-speed motorcycle on Expressway(s), consequently a motorcyclist raised the legal conflict concerning national laws and local road/highway regulations. Specific discussion is divided into the following four paragraphs with relevant regulatory framework noted:

    《新疆维吾尔自治区实施中华人民共和国 道路交通安全法办法》(2007年3月30日经新疆维吾尔自治区第十届人民代表大会常务委员会 第二十九次会 议审议通过,自2007年10月1日起实施)第 80条第12款指出:“载货汽车车厢载人及二轮摩托车载人的,处200元罚款。”《大连市实施中华 人民共和 国道路交通安全法办法》第74条第13款指出: (禁止)“在高速公路上学习驾驶机动车或两轮摩托车在高速公路上载人的。”

    1. local regulations outright ban motorcycle access to Expressway(s)

    Xinjiang Uygur

    'Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region People's Republic of China Road Traffic Safety Measures' (March 30, 2007 by the General Assembly of the Tenth People's Congress Standing Committee of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region 29th meeting examined and adopted, since October 1, 2007 onwards implementation) Article 80, paragraph 12, states: 'Truck car and motorcycle banned fine: 200 yuan.'
    'Road Traffic Safety Law of People's Republic of China in Dalian approach' Article 74, paragraph 13 that: (disabled), 'learning to drive a motor vehicle on a Expressway or a motorcycle use on the Expressway are banned.'

    《天津市高速公路路政管理规定》是由1997年7月9日市人民政府发布,2004年6月30日 根据市人民政 府《关于修改的决定》修订公布的,并自2004年7月1日起施行。该规定通篇回避了“摩托车上 高速公路”这 个敏感话题,甚至连“摩托车”三字都没有。据此理解,摩托车在天津市范围内是可以上高速公路的 。类似这样的 地方性规定还有《吉林省高速公路管理办法》、《安徽省高速公路管理条例》、《江西省高速公路管 理条例》、《 北京市实施高速公路交通管理办法的若干规定》、《山西省高速公路管理条例》、《广东省高速公路 管理条例》、 《河北省高速公路交通管理规定》、《青海省实施中华人民共和国道路交通安全法办法》等。这类地 方性法规的一 个共同特点,就是回避“摩托车上高速公路”这个敏感问题,采用委婉适用国家法律的做法,起码在 法律层面不与 上位法相抵触。

    2. 'Tactful' allowance by local regulatory authorities to high-speed motorcycle access to Expressway(s)


    'Tianjin Expressway Management Regulations' issued July 9, 1997 Municipal People's Government, June 30, 2004 under the Municipal People's Government 'Decision on Revising the' revision published, July 1, 2004 since implementation. This provision throughout avoided 'Expressway motorcycle access' deemed this a sensitive topic, even 'motorcycle,' are not referred to. Accordingly it is understood motorcycle access in Tianjin to the Expressway. Like this local regulations as well as 'Jilin highway management approach', 'Anhui Expressway Management Regulations', 'Jiangxi Provincial Expressway regulations', 'Beijing to implement several provisions of highway transportation management approach,' ' Shanxi Province Highway Management Regulations ',' Guangdong Provincial Expressway Management Regulations ',' Hebei highway traffic regulations ',' Qinghai Province People's Republic of China Road Traffic Safety Law approach,' etc. A common feature of these local laws and regulations, is to avoid 'highway motorcycle' (deemed a sensitive issue), the use of euphemism applicable national law practice, at least not in conflict with the law at the legal level.

    (广西壮族自治区高速公路管理办法) 第35条指出:“禁止行人, 非机动车, 拖拉机, 摩托车, 电瓶车, 全挂车, 教练车, 实习车, 轮式专用机械 (高速公路养护车辆除外) 以及设计最大时速低于70公里的机动车进入高速公路. 进入高速公路造成交通事故的, 由其承担一切责任.
    类似的地方性法规还有 (湖南省高等级公路管理条例), (贵州省高等级公路管理条例), (云南省高等级公路管理条例), (青海省高等级公路管理办法), (山东省高速公路条例)等.
    而(浙江省高速公路运行管理办法) (省政府2005年7月7日第42次常委会议审议通过, 自2005年9月1日起施行) 第24条第3款明确指出: "禁止摩托车, 拖拉机, 农用运输车, 电瓶车, 轮式专用机械车, 全挂牵引车进入高速公路." (吉林省高速公路管理办法) 第5条指出: "禁止一切行人, 非机动车, 拖拉机, 轻便摩托车, 学习车, 教练车以及持续时速低于五十公里的其他机动车在高速公路上通行."
    (湖北省高等级公路管理条例) 第22条指出: “高等级公路上除清扫和养护人员外,禁止行人、非机动车、拖拉机、轻便摩托车、电瓶车、履带车、 铁轮车、教 练车以及明确限制上路的其他机动车辆通行。”
    另外,一些专门的高速公路也出台了相应的管理办法,比如《山东省济青高速公路管理办法》(山东 省人民政府令 第46号)第十六条指出:“禁止行人、非机动车、拖拉机、摩托车(公安机关执行紧急任务的除外 )、电瓶车、 履带车、轮式专用机械车(高速公路的养护车辆除外)以及设计最大时速小于70公里的机动车进入 高速公路。” 而《苏嘉杭高速公路管理办法》干脆回避了摩托车是否可以上高速公路行驶这个敏感问题。

    3. Local regulation(s) prohibit motorcycle access to Expressway

    Guangxi Zhuang
    Shandong Jinan-Qingdao

    'Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Expressway/Highway management approach' Article 35 states: 'Prohibition of pedestrians, non-motor vehicles, tractors, motorcycles, car batteries, (except highway maintenance vehicles) trailer, coach cars, internships vehicles, wheeled machinery and maximum design speed <70km/h of vehicle access to the Expressway. Entry to the Expressway by banned vehicles that cause accidents shall bear full responsibility for such accidents. Similar local laws and regulations as well apply to 'Hunan highway management regulations', 'Guizhou highway regulations', 'Yunnan highway regulations', 'Qinghai highway management approach', 'Shandong Province highway regulations.'

    'Zhejiang Expressway Operation and Management' (provincial July 7, 2005 42nd meeting of the Standing Committee examined and approved, went into effect September 1, 2005) Article 24, paragraph 3, clearly states: 'ban motorcycles , tractors, agricultural vehicles, electric vehicles, wheeled mechanical vehicles, trailer truck entering the Expressway '' Jilin highway management approach 'Article 5 states:.' prohibit all pedestrians, non-motor vehicles, tractors, mopeds, driving school car, coach car and other vehicles with top speed <50km/h forbidden access to the Expressway traffic.'

    'Hubei highway regulations,' Article 22 states: 'In addition to the highway cleaning and maintenance staff, prohibit pedestrians, non-motor vehicles, tractors, mopeds, electric vehicles, tracked vehicles, iron wheel car, coach car and a clear limit on the road of other motor vehicle traffic.'

    In addition, some special highway also introduced the appropriate management practices, such as 'Shandong Province, Jinan-Qingdao Expressway Management Measures' (Shandong Provincial People's Government No. 46), Article XVI states: 'Prohibition of pedestrians, non-motor vehicles, tractors, motorcycles (except for emergency duties of the public security organs), electric vehicles, tracked vehicles, wheeled mechanical vehicles (except for highway maintenance vehicles) and the maximum design speed of the vehicle < 70km/h banned from using the Expressway. 'Also' Sujiahang highway management approach 'altogether avoided referring to 'motorcycle' on the Expressway as deemed to be a sensitive issue.

    比如有福建省、陕西省、天津市、上海市、重庆市、西藏自治区等,在这些省、市、自治区中,没有 制定地方性有 关道路交通安全法(尤其是高速公路法律)的实施办法,因而可以理解为直接套用国家法律、行政法 规。
    版权声明:本文系腾讯汽车独家稿件,版权为腾讯汽车所有。欢迎转载,请务必注明出处(腾讯汽车 )及作者,否 则必将追究法律责任。

    4. Some provinces avoid referring to motorcycle Expressway access.

    Sujiahang (paragraph 3 above)

    Fujian, Shaanxi, Tianjin, Shanghai, Chongqing, Tibet; in these provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, there is no development of local law on road traffic safety (especially Expressway law) implementation concerning motorcycles, which can be understood that in such jurisdictions the default would be to the national laws and administrative regulations as they pertain to high-speed motorcycles. Therefore it would be reasonable to expect that high-speed motorcycles could access/ride on Expressways in these provinces;

    'Tencent Car'.

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    Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist
    - Pablo Picasso
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    This is some great info. Thanks
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    I an planning a trip and would appreciate it if someone with recent local experience could clarify which of the following provinces allow motorcycles on expressways:
    • Anhui
    • Beijing (This is the only one I know for sure is allowed)
    • Chengdu
    • Guangxi (prohibited according to above)
    • Guizhou
    • Hebei
    • Hubei (Prohibited according to above)
    • Hunan (Prohibited according to above)
    • Jiangxi
    • Shaanxi
    • Shandong (Prohibited according to above)
    • Shanghai
    • Shanxi
    • Tianjin (I believe allowed - but how about in the inner city?)
    • Yunnan
    • Zhejiang (Prohibited according to above)

    Of course others may be interesed in an update on provinces not in this list
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